Welcome to Fravola’s Webpage!

Fravola Oy Ltd acquired the business of Donno Oy in June 2012 and continued the work Donno had carried on since 1980/1990. Fravola imports crafting items and acts as a stockist and wholesaler for speciality stores, small manufacturers, schools and daycare centers all around Finland. We are a Finnish, family-owned business. If you would like to become our customer, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Our sortiment consists of a vast and complete selection of basic supplies like styrofoam, paints, wooden items and metal wires. On addition to the basic supplies we offer a constantly changing inspirational variety of seasonal and trendy items. We want to offer availability, quality and well-known international brands with tested, safe product portfolio. We want to take care of our environment and therefore we re-use and recycle all packaging materials carefully.

To our wholesale customers we offer fast Posti Express service deliveries. Hence, you will usually receive your ordered goods already on the next day or the day after your order has been received.

Fravola also has a webshop Donno.fi for consumers. We sell only to customers located in Finland. If you would like to be directed to our webshop, please click the link below.

Donno.fi käänteinen pinkki kompakti



Perttelinkatu 19
24240 Salo, Finland

+358 (0)400-613297

+358 (0)2 73 33 622

info (at) fravola.fi